Tasmania North West

  • The Burnie/Wynyard airport is 1km from the park. There are flights to and from Melbourne on "REX" (Regional Express) Airlines. Also TAS-AIR fly to King Island from here.

  • Wynyard is Tasmania's tulip capital with a Tulip Festival held every October.

  • There are two excellent golf courses in Wynyard, plus lawn bowling, tennis and squash.

  • Fossil Bluff is within easy reach. Fossils are embedded in the layers of sandstone. The oldest Australian marsupial was discovered here.

  • Table Cape is an expired volcanic landmark. It has a lighthouse on the cliff, it's light has a range of some 32 nautical miles - just a 5 minute drive from the town.

  • Fairy penguins can be seen at dusk in colonies along the coastline. Viewing is around November - March.

  • Rocky Cape National Park has great walking tracks and spectacular scenery. It abounds with Aboriginal history.

  • Sheltered clean swimming beaches.

  • Walking tracks, boating and yachting, all in North West Tasmania.